Engineering Services


Project Drawings

Our engineers use AutoCad to design 2D and 3D drawings for our projects.  The software allows for automatic dimensions to be created.  The completed drawings can then be sent directly to the Flow Mach 2 Waterjet to be cut. 

Conveyor Layout Drawings

After dimensions are noted, the next step in the conveyor manufacturing process is custom design. Layout drawings are created in AutoCad with proper dimensions and reference notes.

Reverse Engineering (Faro 3D Laser Scanner)

The Faro ScanArm uses a laser line probe to seamlessly scan diverse surfaces. A non-contact accuracy eliminates the need to relocate the measuring device to different positions to scan. Custom optics use a large diameter to collect more light and data, delivering sharper images. Using the Faro ScanArm allows our engineers to acquire precise measurements of parts to reverse manufacture parts for our customers.

FL State Certified Professional Engineer

Vision Conveyor has a contract with a Florida PE certified engineer. Prior to submitting final project drawings, the engineer verifies the dimensions are in compliance with state mandates. 

adnerolf barrios



As part of the Technical Department, Adnerolf Barrios is a graduate of the Cebu Institute of Technology in the Philippines with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. Before getting his professional license, he has worked in various architectural & engineering firms that led him to develop his professional career. He has been known for his creative vision and dedication to safety and aesthetics in all of his designs for the past 12 years. As the head of the CAD department, he has demonstrated a keen eye for detail and flexibility in designing our projects to accommodate a wide variety of changing needs. His eye for practicality as well a his inspiring designs has made our clients happy and satisfied. 

Engineering filler change parts

custom dimpling die for aluminum glove boxes

Cutting aluminum glove boxes for an amusement park