Company History

In the family...

Vision Conveyor is a family business. The Newman family has over 40 years experience in the manufacturing industry. 

Audie Newman was first employed by his father-in-law at G & O Company in the 1970's in Lake County, FL. His dreams and aspirations grew, which provided him the opportunity to start his own manufacturing company. January of 1990 he and his brother-in-law started Southern Conveyor Services and thrived for years, being eventually bought out. In the early 2000's, after "no competes" expired, Audie's new venture was U.S. Conveyor Solutions. After a few years he stepped out and has no affiliation; the business is doing well. 

Vision Conveyor Inc was established October 2014 by Audie and his son AJ. Just as Audie was given an opportunity as a young man, he wanted to do the same for his children. The company has two generations working together to manufacture quality, custom conveyor systems. 

Vision Conveyor takes pride in our OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certificates, MSHA, and Browz trainings. The company values the education required to keep their employees safe and informed to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Think you're a good fit?

Vision Conveyor is currently hiring!

We're looking for:

  • Welders
  • Fabricators
  • Mechanics
  • Helpers

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Meet our Staff

AJ Newman



AJ has worked in the conveyor business for the past twelve years! He attended a technical school for Mechanical Engineering and is certified in AutoCad. AJ worked at Audie's previous company, U.S. Conveyor for many years. After his experience there, he decided to branch out and start his own conveyor business in 2014. AJ's previous training and experience make him a qualified leader for the company.  In his spare time AJ spends time with his two golden retrievers, fishing, kayaking, and going out on his boat. He can be contacted at

Audie Newman


Vice President

Audie has over forty years experience in conveyors! Vision is his third successful company. Audie first began his career in conveyors at G&O Company in the 1970s. His aspirations grew to begin Southern Conveyor Services, which after years of success was bought out. After "no competes" had expired, U.S. Conveyor was Audie's next venture. After a few years he stepped out and has no affiliation. Vision Conveyor is his last "baby", a family business with his children. Audie in his free time enjoys fishing, going to car shows, and spending quality time with his family. He can be contacted at

Nikki Newman


Procurement Specialist

Nikki has a Bachelor's in Nursing from LSSC. She worked for many years as a nurse at Leesburg Regional Medical Center at the rehabilitation center. Nikki's work as a nurse taught her invaluable skills such as time management and multi-tasking! Her strong organizational skills and friendly approach keep Vision's front office running smoothly! Some of Nikki's favorite pastimes include the beach, listening to music, and spending time with her fiancé and four year old son Easton. She can be contacted at

Liz Mayo


Digital Marketing & Purchasing Manager

Liz has a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education. She moved to FL shortly after graduation to become a teacher. Her job as the Digital Marketing & Purchasing Manager will help get the word out about the wonderful people at Vision Conveyor! In her spare time Liz likes to spend time with her friends, family, and two golden retrievers. She also enjoys the beach, fishing, kayaking, and crafting. She can be contacted at

Adner Barrios



 As part of the Technical Department, Adnerolf Barrios is a graduate of the Cebu Institute of Technology in the Philippines with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. Before getting his professional license, he has worked in various architectural & engineering firms that led him to develop his professional career. He has been known for his creative vision and dedication to safety and aesthetics in all of his designs for the past 12 years. As the head of the CAD department, he has demonstrated a keen eye for detail and flexibility in designing our projects to accommodate a wide variety of changing needs. His eye for practicality as well a his inspiring designs has made our clients happy and satisfied.  He can be contacted at